We are devoted to Surpassing our Customers’ expectations in every aspect by providing products and services of the highest standard.


To be the Leading Bottled Water manufacturer in Ethiopia and one of the recognized brands in the world.

Our Story

Mogle Bottled water manufacturing is one of the major business units of Abbahawa Trading PLC. As part of its business diversification, Abbahawa Trading PLC has expanded its import and export business to the manufacturing sector engaging in purified and bottled water manufacturing in the name of Mogle Bottled Water Manufacturing, with a product brand name One Water, currently one of the well-recognized brands in the market, offering the One water for about 6 years now.

The water bottling plant is established with an initial investment cost amounting a little over 2.3 Billion Birr for the construction of the bottling factory, modern latest manufacturing of preform, cap and poly sheet factory, acquisition of machinery and delivery trucks, as well as working capital while creating jobs for more than 1000 individuals.

One Spring Water aims at delivering its organic products to satisfy the demand in the local market and export to different countries.

Our Culture

Mogle Bottled water Manufacturing is a specialized water treatment and Bottled Water Company, using our resources to be valued partner in our communities. We make available education and solutions to water issues stressing on customer satisfaction. All One water team members delight in an encouraging environment based on reliance, open communication and respect for each other. We are devoted to being well-trained individuals, authorized to make decision to best assist our customer.


Mr.Enyew Zeleke

General Manager
Abbahawa Trading PLC

(Parent Company)


Mr. Taddele Abate

vice Managing Director-Commercial
Abbahawa Trading PLC


Mr.Getu Kebede

vice Managing Director-Operational
Abbahawa Trading PLC


Mr.Belay Dires

Factory Manager
Abbahawa Trading PLC

LLB and MBA in General Management
Worked for more than 21 Years in different Industry.

Ato Melkie Belew

Mr.Feyisa Gebisa

HR Dept. Manager

Has M. A degree in Human Resource Management from Addis Ababa University.
Worked for more than 12 years in different Government Sector & Manufacturing & Merchandize Private Sectors at different levels.

Ato Tegegnework Chebude

Mr.Tegegnework Chebude

Assistance & Factory Manager

Has BA degree in supply & purchasing management from Jimma University.
Has worked for more than 11 years in different public Enterprises at different levels.

Ato Andualem Bekele

Mr.Gezahegn Yadet

Marketing & Sales Director

Ato Demoz Gari

Mr.Demoz Gari

Finance Dept. Manager

Has Diploma in Accounting from woliso University.
Worked for more than 11 years in different manufacturing Companies at different levels.

Ato Zinaw Alemayehu

Mr.Zinaw Alemayehu

Production Dept.Manager

Has BSc degree in Food Science &Post Haverst Technology &MBA &Bussiness administration from Haramaya University
Has worked in different manufacturing Companies for about 13 years above at different levels.

W/ro Muna Hassen

W/ro Muna Hassen

Quality Assurance Service Dept. Manager

Has BSc degree in Industrial Chemistry from BahirDar University.
Has served for more than 8 years in different manufacturing Companies at different levels.

Our Factory

The factory is located at the heart of Sebeta, South west Addis Ababa. It rests on a vast 75,000 m2 plot of land with built up area of 35,000 m2 (6 production lines), having the capacity to manufacture 120,000 Bottles Per Hour (BPH). In addition, there is the 5-gallon Jar production machine, a uniquely modern fully automatic non-returnable one-way production line with the capacity of 1,100 jar per hour.

There are 5 lines of Preform Manufacturing Machineries with 312 Cavities; and 3 lines of Cap (Closure) manufacturing machineries with 96 cavities, resting on 30,000 m2 plot of land with built up area 17,000 m2. In addition, the Jar preforms are manufactured with the 2 lines at a capacity of 48 cavity along with the jar cap production machine at a capacity of 24 cavity.

The distribution of products is supported by the more than 100 delivery SINO, ISUZU FSR, ISUZU NPR (Van) and 30 Manitou (France) Electrical forklifts, a fleet dedicated to dispatch at all corners of the nation.

CSR (Corporate Social responsibility)

We keep our eyes open to find opportunities to support We respond immediately on local and national calls. We care:
• Farmers Insurance
• Sebeta - Potable waters project
• Road construction for the surrounding of the factory
• Gebeta lehager
• Sheger beautification
Covid 19 response

    -Covid 19 care facilities
• Two modern schools’ construction
• Giving job opportunity to the lowly at recommendations of local elders and Abageda
• Federal Police Canteen Renovation
• Support Under 17 Football Projects with sporting materials
• Supporting women’s whom before engaged in Entoto Surround on wooden material collection (Donating 982,000 Birr to Petco Ethiopia Community for its project work in Entoto Park )

Our Water Our Pride


While one water is purified, the process maintains the taste and natural minerals,taste and texture


one purified water contains natural minerals and alkaline pH is associated with higher overall good health.


Our state of the art machinery coupled with our dedicated staff makes sure that all impurities or unwanted elements are removed through our process.


because of our fair price, fast and reliable door to door delivery and most of all our passion to purify and provide world class bottled watter

Choosen Internationaly

One purified water has been recognised internationlly, yet we strive for higher and higher standads of excelence

National quality award: EQA 7th round Certified

IQNet Management Certified

ISO, Quality Management 9001:2015 Certified

ISO, Food Safety Management 22000:2005 Certified

Quality and Food Safety Policy

Abbahawa Trading PLC, Mogle Bottling Water Manufacturing is committed to produce and supply quality and safe purified bottled water to the market that meets mutually agreed of the customers as well as legal requirements through the application of ISO 9001 QMS international standard and the certification scheme FSSC 22000. To improve the effectiveness of the integrated management system, continuously MBWM is committed:

    a) To provide appropriate resources and maintain their capability;
    b)To ensure that hygienic requirements for employees, machineries, equipment, tools, work areas and premises are fully met and maintained on continuous bases;
    c)To establish and maintain effective internal and external communications;
    d)To evaluate the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the integrated management system at planned intervals;
    e)To ensure the competencies of persons working for MBWM.

We Are One

One Purified Water For a Healthy Life